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Month: July 2013

Horse The Band

Desperate Living (2009, Vagrant Records) USA, California. Artwork of the year. yep. Here is Horse The Band’s last album with a terrific song. We’ve been lucky with H.O.Z. to open [ … ]


Zôly Ordinaire (2006, Jarring Effects) France, St Nazaire. Jako introduced me to Zôl’s music, when I was a student in Valenciennes. I think he discovered him in his search for [ … ]


Hallelujah (2012, Ad Noiseam) France. Here is another album by Igorrr and you won’t be disappointed ! The rhythmic patterns in Damaged Wig are absolutely crazy (I love the part at 1:54 [ … ]

Dope Body

Natural History (2012, Drag City Records) USA, Baltimore. Dope Body’s new album is released ! So that time they didn’t add heavy reveb on the vocals. It is less monotonous [ … ]

The Sliping Kangooroos

1979 (2013, D.I.Y.) France, Charleville-Mézières. New album by The Sliping Kangooroos and it starts loud with their first song Millionaire which makes me think of the Hives’ energy. Ghostly Dreams is a combination [ … ]


Orbits (2012, Civil Music) USA, Philadelphia. On Discogs, Starkey is described as a dubstep artist in his previous album, and dubstep is not really my thing. What interests me a [ … ]