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Month: June 2013

Tera Melos

X’ed Out (2013, Sargent House) USA, Sacramento. One more album by Tera Melos : The production and mixing level has been increased again : I love the way that the [ … ]


YPLL (2013, Epitaph Recordings) USA, California. New album by Retox with a terrific sound ! I think they really found themselves here. The rhythmic parts are fast, precise and powerful [ … ]


Barry (2013, Africantape Records) France. For than third album, the progression rises up a little bit more. The sound is better and the ideas remain. It seems to me that [ … ]

Pilöt Kidz

Walking In RÖws (2013, D.I.Y.) France. The band changes its drummer and modify its name for Pilöt Kidz. I discovered them live at Bus Palladium in Paris the 12th of [ … ]

Girls In Hawaii

From Here to There (2003, Naïve) London. Here is a Belgian group that I appreciate for the (apparent) simplicity of their compositions and the very fresh sound that gives you [ … ]