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Month: May 2013

Child Bite

Vision Crimes (2013, Joyful Noise Recordings) USA, Detroit. Last 10″ by Child Bite : the sound/mixing is excellent ! You’ll note that a new drummer is here : Ben Moore. [ … ]


All We Love We Leave Behind (2012, Epitaph) USA, Massachusetts And one new album by Converge. I really love that one. It is a little different than the previous records, [ … ]


Lights Out (2012, Nuclear Blast Records) Sweden. Third album by graveyard and you’ll find great songs with the same recipe that in their previous records. The album starts with a [ … ]

PJ Harvey

Dry (1992, Too Pure) London. That PJ Harvey’s first album hits me at the first listening with that “direct” and raw sound, based on a simple rock structure (bass, guitar [ … ]

Nickel Pressing

Who Decides ? Ep (2013, Lo Recordings) France. I first met Yann Sandeau (The tall Yann), years ago in Lyon (South of France). He’s a friend of my ex-roommate Jacques-André [ … ]

Aram Khachaturian

Piano Concerto in D Flat Major (Berezovsky) (1936, Warner Classics) Armenie. I won’t go back in details in his biography, but Aram Khachaturian didn’t compose a lot of concertos. Anyway [ … ]

Odd Future

The OF Tape Vol. 2 (2012, Odd Future Records) USA, L.A. Here is another record by Tyler’s crew. That disc is heterogeneous, it really sounds like a bunch of friends [ … ]