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Broken Machines (2013, Clapping Music) France. Second album by Reveille, I’ve been waiting for its release ! I think Reveille found its identity from that album, less in François Virot’s [ … ]

The Sliping Kangooroos

1979 (2013, D.I.Y.) France, Charleville-Mézières. New album by The Sliping Kangooroos and it starts loud with their first song Millionaire which makes me think of the Hives’ energy. Ghostly Dreams is a combination [ … ]


Silence Yourself (2013, Matador Records) UK, Londres. There comes “Silence Yourself” and the sound is amazing ! You’ll have a slap in your face with Shut Up and its unsane bass sound. [ … ]


Barry (2013, Africantape Records) France. For than third album, the progression rises up a little bit more. The sound is better and the ideas remain. It seems to me that [ … ]

Pilöt Kidz

Walking In RÖws (2013, D.I.Y.) France. The band changes its drummer and modify its name for Pilöt Kidz. I discovered them live at Bus Palladium in Paris the 12th of [ … ]