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Category: Punk-Hardcore

Reviews of Punk Hardcore Music

Rolo Tomassi

Astraea (2012, Destination Moon Records) UK, Sheffield. I really enjoy how each album by Rolo Tomassi starts, with that weird keyboard intro and then a powerful and complex hardcore part [ … ]

Horse The Band

Desperate Living (2009, Vagrant Records) USA, California. Artwork of the year. yep. Here is Horse The Band’s last album with a terrific song. We’ve been lucky with H.O.Z. to open [ … ]

Dope Body

Natural History (2012, Drag City Records) USA, Baltimore. Dope Body’s new album is released ! So that time they didn’t add heavy reveb on the vocals. It is less monotonous [ … ]


Another Music In A Different Kitchen (1978, United Artists Records) UK, Bolton. Of course, I’ve heard of the name Buzzcocks, but the first time I gave it a try was [ … ]

Tera Melos

X’ed Out (2013, Sargent House) USA, Sacramento. One more album by Tera Melos : The production and mixing level has been increased again : I love the way that the [ … ]


YPLL (2013, Epitaph Recordings) USA, California. New album by Retox with a terrific sound ! I think they really found themselves here. The rhythmic parts are fast, precise and powerful [ … ]

Child Bite

Vision Crimes (2013, Joyful Noise Recordings) USA, Detroit. Last 10″ by Child Bite : the sound/mixing is excellent ! You’ll note that a new drummer is here : Ben Moore. [ … ]