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Category: Grindcore

Reviews of Grindcore music

Chaos E.T. Sexual

OV (2012, D.I.Y.) France. First Romain Siergie, a singer-guitarist (http://www.radiatorhymn.com/?p=4173), director, friend of mine introduced me to Chaos E.T. Sexual’s music. Then we played live with them at le Rigoletto, [ … ]

Bright Curse

Bright Curse Ep (2012, D.I.Y.) UK,  London. I discovered Bright Curse with Jb Pilon,who lives in London, produced that Ep, and now plays as a bassist with Row (lead vocals) [ … ]


Lights Out (2012, Nuclear Blast Records) Sweden. Third album by graveyard and you’ll find great songs with the same recipe that in their previous records. The album starts with a [ … ]


Generalized Oppression (2012, Mollo Bobby Prod.) France. It was between 2004 and 2009 when we were practicing with H.O.Z. in Grande-Synthe, close to Dunkirk (North of France), at the “Lieu [ … ]


Cancer 4 Cure (2012, Fat Possum Records) USA, NY. Last El-P album, yes, I missed a couple of them in between, but I’ll work on it. There is in C4C [ … ]

Judas Priest

Painkiller 7″ (1990, Columbia Records) UK. Painkiller is my favorite metal song from all times. Give it a try : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM__lPTWThU It was my first guitar teacher, Stéphane Legrand, who [ … ]


Deftones (2003, Maverick Records) USA, California. Cet album est le dernier que j’ai apprécié, les deux suivants ne me touchant pas trop. Good Morning Beautiful est le morceau parfait pour [ … ]

Nuclear Rabbit

Mutopia (2003, DIY) USA, California. I discover  Nuclear Rabbit on an Arno Matendouce’s compilation. This record is really, really hard to find (at an affordable price) but I finally found [ … ]