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Giant Leg

(2012, Tigertrap Records) UK, London.

Infants - Giant Leg

What a good surprize I discovered randomly on the internet !

Infants is a band from London who had unfortunately split. Here is their first album, just released.

Sick children from Melt-Banana, and other hardcore-noise bands with keyboards, Infants offer us terrific songs with a great production and sound quality, like in the grand Firetruk.

Now is absolutely massive (what a part at 1:52) ! The effects are sick, it seems almost to be a song from “New Erections” by The Locust.

I love the rhythmic patterns in Masticator (excellent at 2:33).

The vocals in Buddy Island are crazy and interesting.

Dark Hoist had an interesting vocals layering and reminds me of the french band Billy Ze Kick.

Excellent !




1. Firetruk
2. Now
3. Masticator
4. Buddy Island
5. Dark Hoist

You can listen to all their tracks for free here : http://soundcloud.com/tigertrap/sets/infants-giant-leg

Infants’ official website : http://www.myspace.com/infancy

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