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Panda Bear

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(2011, Paw Tracks Records) USA, Maryland.

I discovered Panda Bear, solo project of Noah Benjamin Lennox, from Animal Collective, on http://www.pitchfork.com/.

I listen to a couple of songs on myspace and I loved Last Night At The Jetty : I liked fast the amazing reverb and his weird guitars riffs.

Many people does that kind of music these days, and usually I don’t like it.

But here everything sounds fine and interesting (I love the part at 1:11).

Same feelings about Slow Motion and Tomboy.

I really love the build up at 2:12 in Friendship Bracelet.

A Good Surprize.




1. Last Night At The Jetty
2. Slowmotion
3. Tomboy
4. Friendship Bracelet


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