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(2004, Anticon Records) USA, California

I discovered Anticon records in 2005, When Main-ro lent me the “Anticon Sampler: 1999-2004”. Doseone Flow and Voice leaves his mark on me. Then I listen to “Hemisphere”, his first album and then cLOUDDEAD.

It’s difficult to describe this music, kind of experimental hiphop with aerial sounds and much revebs. cLOUDDEAD is Dose one and  Why? vocals, Odd NosDam for production.

my favorite song is Rifle Eyes, with very fast flows and slow and aerial at the same time. The echoes between the two MCs are interesting because of their differents voices and easily identifiables.

Dead Dogs Two is in the same vein with an interesting break at 2:02, with just vocals and beat.

Pop Song is slow and enchanting, rocked with round and slow basses.

I just kept three songs, but I listen to the whole album usually as one song.




1. Rifle Eyes
2. Dead Dogs Two
3. Pop Song


Lil Wayne

I’m not a Human Being

(2010, young Money) USA, NY

“uhhh, swag on infinity ” Lil Wayne.

I just received Lil Wayne’s eighth album and I’m surprised to find back what I loved in “Tha Carter III”.

I was disappointed with “Rebirth”, because I thought his hiphop/rock mix wasn’t well-done.

Lil Wayne loves Hauts-de-Seine (92) and he mentioned it in his I’m not a Human Being : ”I stand tall like a muthafuckin 9-2 ” 🙂

This time, guitars are not too much and less in front in the mix, and Lil Wayne’s flow is more powerful than what he did in “Rebirth”.
The reason of this is probably the very powerful kick he uses, masterized by the well-named Brian “Big Bass” Gardner.

In the amazing flow family, I name I don’t like the Look of it with a production which reminds me The Prodigy’s Baby’s Got A Temper, powerful and efficient.
YM Banger more in the Missy Eliott’s spirit got an interesting and weirdo production.

Finally there is Bill Gates with an à la Booba production, with catchy vocals which I enjoy.

Lil Wayne  did a good job, I Can’t wait for “Tha Carter IV”.




1. I’m not a Human Being
2. I don’t like the Look of It
3. YM Banger
4. Bill Gates




(2009, Fourth Dimension Records) Finland

How,  after performing crazy vocals for two minuts in between Avishai Cohen (How dare I ?), Dave, Claude François, Pavarotti and Danni Filth, can you decide to play a jazz/rock riff, looped for 10 minuts in Virsi ?

Jussi Lehtisalo is an Artist.
With his band Circle, he produces Musical-UFo’s (20 Full length albums and as many Eps) since 1991. He’s the finish Experimental/Kraut Genius.
I discovered that band opening for Melt Banana the 16th of  September 2010 @ La Maroquinerie in Paris.
I didn’t really liked their show, with many recents songs, kind of bad quality grind very repetitive.

But I was amazed by the magic of their last song Murheenkryyni.
It’s about a 7 minutes looped riff, with a crazy and amazing vocal performance in a finest-strass-stretchy-gloomy pant with a sailor cap.
I don’t know nobody who don’t cry in listening to that song from God, except one NYer.
This double album is a good record of Jussi’s vocal performance, but with less power about the instruments than in live.
The others songs are long and boring, I’m probably too young and narrowminded to enter into circle’s sphere.

ha. ha.




1. Murheenkryyni
2. Virsi



King of the Beach

(2010, Fat Possum Records) USA, California

Cover de Wavves - King of the Beach

“Let the sun burn my eyes / Let it burn my back” King of the Beach

First of all, I respect a band who becomes famous with a so Lofi second album “Wavvves” (Reviewed soon).

It’s a kind of Rock/Noise band, with some grunge sides à la Nirvana in songs like Take on the World. They keep a Lofi style in songs like Super Soaker or Idiot but more efficients because controlled.
Post Acid
is in my opinion the best song, pretty good played and with catchy vocals melodies. Every songs sounds pretty young with some Blink 182’s aspects as someone told me.

The last Linus Head is really interesting, which make the whole album-with-an-ugly-cover very indie and interesting.




1. Post Acid
2. King of the Beach
3. Take on the World
4. Linus Spacehead
5. Super Soaker


Zach Hill

Face Tat

(2010, Sargent House) USA, California

Lofi in his sounds, Lofi in his videoclips.

Zach Hill is so amazing as drummer than it’s not useful to explain who he is.
I love all his other side-projects Hella, sBachs and Bygones.

Here is his second solo album, that I love much than his first one (I maybe listen to it too fast.

I didn’t find his songs on the internet in streaming, so I put his two videoclips with poor sound quality, just to have an idea of it.

“Face Tat” is not only focused on his drum play, like in his previous releases. There is now a really  interesting work on the vocals and synthesizers, better controlled than ever.

After a succesful first song Memo to the Man, comes the best song of this album, in my point of view, The Primitives Talks and probably the most easy to listen to.

There is too some originals Lofi songs like The Sacto Smile or Jakers.
The instrumental Face Tat is really groovy in its à la Zach Hill’s rythms.

The final song, Second Life, is a featuring with Devendra Banhart which remember me his earlier works with Hella.

With many many albums Zach Hill still fascinates me !




1. The Primitives Talk
2. The Sacto Smile
3. Face Tat
4. Memo to the Man
5. Second Life


Paul Simon


(1986, Warner Bross) USA, New Jersey

Cover de Paul Simon - Graceland

I surprize myself in reviewing Paul Simon, what made me rename the Alternative Rock category in Pop / Rock Alternative.

I was in an American Apparel shop in Richmond when I listened You can call me Al in the speaker. I was moved by the groovy bass run by Bakithi Kumalo. I was sure that I was listening to a new Vampire Weekend’s song.
Then I looked at home on the internet and I found this album from 1986, “Graceland” which probably inspired the Vampires. Same kind of vocals, rythms and bass lines. 

After a deceiving first song, let’s listen to Graceland with this funny melody on guitar which makes you dance and this “parental advisory” lyrics :

There is a girl in New York City,
Who calls herself the human trampoline

Some other songs follow the same concept like Crazy Love, Volume II. You’ll find some Grindcore-high-speed tempos in Gumboots and let’s end this mythic album with the amazing All around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints.




1. You can call me Al
2. Graceland
3. All around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints
4. Crazy Love, volume II
5. Gumboots


Norma Jean


(2010, Razor & Tie) USA, Atlanta

The last Norma Jean’s album’s artwork is more beautiful in real than on a computer screen.
I love this band since years and I’m gonna review the previous albums soon.
But Meridional is an awerage album to me though.
In opposition to the old albums, with differents ambiences, this one offers nothing really new except some few songs.

Everlasting Tapeworm is clearly the best one to me, with a martial rythmic and powerfull vocals from the beginning. The Production is awesome and the way the song evolves is really interesting.

In Leaderless and Selfenlisted, you’ll find a mix of the complex rythms of  “O’God the Aftermath” and vocals melodies à la “Redeemer”.

I notify a last song : Blood Burner brutal and complex.

I didn’t love 5 songs in Meridional, so here is my top 3.




1. Everlasting Tapeworm
2. Leaderless and Self Enlisted
3. Blood Burner


P Money

Money Over Everyone (mixtape)

(2009, Avalanche Music) UK

First I was lucky to meet Patrick VocalTeknix, then he introduces me to the amazing grime of P Money.
I always loved grime : mix of Hiphop, Electro, powerfull rythms and fast flows.
“Money over Everyone” provides 20 songs with a well-done production and mastering.

My favorite song is Left The Room, really powerfull with an heady flow and an interesting production.
Then I like Hot Ones with an hypnotic rythm and at 3:50 it remember me Puppetmastaz. I enabled loop mode for that song on my iphone when I was walking for miles from stands to stands in Amsterdam @ IBC 2010.

Fruits and Veg works with a question/answer structure, one basic voice and the other one with a Walkie-Talkie effect which is original.

I love to the “MarioBross”-like song 1 Up and Cash in my Pocket with Wiley featuring aka one King of Grime.

Here are some links to youtube to discover his music.




1. Left The Room
2. Hot Ones
3. Fruits and Veg
4. Cash in my Pocket
5. 1 UP


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