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Subtle Bodies Ep

(2014, D.I.Y.) France.

Reign - Subtle Bodies

Back to reviews with a french metal band playing music between Deftones, Burst or some Devil Sold His Soul.

My two favorite tracks are two build-up with a powerful Finale : Edelweiss and Shelter.

I love how the cymbals are blasted at the end of Shelter.

The guitar layers are great and the recording a success.

I would have love to listen to more violent vocals at the end of each song !

You can listen to their songs on their bandcamp page, Enjoy !




1. Edelweiss
2. Shelter

Reign’s bandcamp page :  http://reign-band.bandcamp.com/


Nightmares Made Flesh

(2004, Century Media Records) Sweden.

Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh

Classical swedish music.

I discovered Bloodbath and Hypocrisy thanks to Julie, years ago.

Bloodbath is a super-band between Cannibal Corpse and Theory In Practice, with the famous Peter Tägtgren as vocalist.

What hit me in that record is the terrific production quality (What a bass slide at the beginning of Eaten)

I love the diversity in the drum beats that gives definitely a groove to Bloodbath’s songs (Cancer Of The Soul)

I love the part at 2:32 in Brave New Hell and Peter’s amazing vocal performance.

Three huge songs !

The other songs doesn’t show that diversity and turn them into something boring to me.




1. Eaten
2. Cancer Of The Soul
3. Brave New Hell

Bloodbath’s official website :  http://bloodbath.biz

Top 23 – 2013

Top 23 – 2013

Radiator Hymn.

1. Baxter Stockman – Punter Ektro Records
2. Zeus! – Opera 31G Records
3. James Blake – Overgrown Republic Records
4. PVT – Homosapien Felte Records
5. Melt Banana – Fetch A-Zap Records
6. Buke And Gase – General Dome Brassland Records
7. Born Ruffians – Birthmarks Paper Bags Records
8. Queens Of The Stone Age – … Like Clockwork Matador Records
9. Mylets – Retcon Sargent House
10. Tera Melos – X’ed Out Sargent House
11. Reveille – Broken Machines Clapping Music
12. Foxygen – We are the 21st [...] Jagjaguwar Records
13. Eels – Wonderful, Glorious E Works Records
14. Surfer Blood – Pythons Sire Records
15. Child Bite – Vision Crimes Joyful Noise Recordings
16. Shai Hulud – Reach Beyond The Sun Metalblade Records
17. Poliça – Shulamith Pop + Mom Records
18. Savages – Silence Yourself Matador Records
19. Omar Souleyman – Wenu Wenu Ribbon Music
20. Run The Jewels – ST Fool’s Gold Records
21. Danny Brown – Old Fool’s Gold Records
22. Man Man – On Oni Pond Anti Records
23. Das Simple – In Girum Imus Nocte En Veux-tu? En V’là!



Ignition’s Cold, Oxygen’s Pale

(2011, Substitute Records) France.

Neonbirds - Ignition's Cold, Oxygen's Pale

I met Neonbirds’ Leon when we played together in paris at L’international. Neonbirds is an electro duo with rock touches (electric guitar and bass)

There is many influences, as New Order or sometimes Soft Cell…

Their synthesizers and rhythmbox’s sounds are researched and worked. When you see them live, they bring all their machines with, what bring a human touch in the electro world.

One song you’ll remember after seing them live is 01212 and its catchy chorus.

I love a lot Mechanics‘ ambiences and Substitutes‘ Finale.

You’ll find here a beautiful video clip for Substitutes : http://vimeo.com/32733560

I love the mix between guitars, synths and vocals on Surfer Echo.

I do like the energy on Blood is Colour.

Some good songs, a band to follow !




1. Oxygen’s Pale – Surfer Echo
2. Oxygen’s Pale – 01212
3. Ignition’s Cold – Blood Is Colour
4. Ignition’s Cold – Substitutes
5. Ignition’s Cold – Mechanics

Neonbirds’ official website :  http://www.substituterecords.fr/?page_id=60

Joan And The Sailors

Home Storm

(2013, Little Jig Records) Suisse.

Joan And The Sailors - Home Storm

Here is a new discovery by 5rosesPress.

First time I played that record, I didn’t like the first song. But when I came bakc to it, I was amazed by the second one En Guantes Blanco with great vocals and guitar ambiences. It sounds kind of à la Bosnian Rainbows.

I love the great ambiences on Puzzle Of Feelings. In that song, the vocals sound à la Gentle Veincut.

Light Over Innsmouth leaves me mixed feelings, I love the sonorities in the choirs but sometimes the lead vocals doesn’t work.

Some good songs.




1. En Guantes Blancos
2. Puzzle Of Feelings
3. Light Over Innsmouth

Joan And The Sailors’ official website :  http://joanandthesailors.com/


Enfantasse-me De Saigne Prixmitif

(2012, D.I.Y.) France.

mIGASTUMI - Enfantasse-me De Saigne Prixmitif

Here is a hit’s cover album by mIGASTUMI.

So when I said cover, I mean Michael Jackson’s Earth Song covered in Latin in Phase Heure songue.

A une laitre pré cété Jésus (JC/JD) is a Beyonce cover for Single Lady in french with crazy lyrics.

Amazing cover of Bérurier Noir on Noirlesoreures.

I love the story telling touch in Ghetto Gato.

I would recommend this disc to the curious listener who wants to rediscover classics in a crazy alternative universe. A f*cking crazy universe haha.




1. A une laitre pré céré Jésus (JC/JD)
2. Phase Heure songue
3. Noirlesoreures
4. Ghetto Gato

mIGASTUMI’s soundcloud page where you can stream her songs for free :  http://soundcloud.com/migastumi

Marcus Fjellström

Epilogue M Ep

(2013, Aagoo Records) Sweden.

Marcus Fjellström - Epilogue M Ep

Julien (5rosesPress) sent me that Ep by Marcus Fjellström.

I loved Dance Music 3 which sound à la Leila Arab, with interesting rhythmic patterns and moving melodies : Terrific !

I love to the build up and the strings in Explicator.

It was hard for me to love the other tracks with no rhythmic sections.





1. Dance Music 3
2. Explicator

Marcus Fjellström’s official website :  http://www.kafkagarden.com/



(2013, Supernaturalcat) Italie.

OvO - Abisso

Watch Out ! Satan’s product.

Here is a sulfuric record.

OvO is an old love story. I saw them live for the first time at Les 4 Ecluses, in Dunkirk, the 5th of May 2007. A live where a masked man hits his toms like a maniac. Where a possessed woman screams like a damned soul. She placed captors in her dreadlocks, and get a saturated sound out of her hair with a bow…

A classic. Ha haha.

So they’re back with a huge sound and dancing songs.

You’ll get the idea with the massively saturated guitars on Tokoloshi and vocals à la Idiotsaintcrazy.

You’ll find fast and powerful songs like I Cannibali (great part at 1:38)

Aeneis‘soundscapes are absolutely crazy.

Terrific part at 1:52 in Pandemonio !

What a good surprize, bravo !




1. I Cannibali
2. Tokoloshi
3. Pandemonio
4. Aeneis

OvO’s official website :  http://www.supernaturalcat.com/OvO.html

Chaos E.T. Sexual


(2012, D.I.Y.) France.

Chaos E.T. Sexual - OV

First Romain Siergie, a singer-guitarist (http://www.radiatorhymn.com/?p=4173), director, friend of mine introduced me to Chaos E.T. Sexual’s music.

Then we played live with them at le Rigoletto, Paris, the 20th of May 2011.

Their music is unusual, between metal, noise, drone, ambient, trip-hop ?

I’m not a slow-tempo kind-of-guy.

But the heaviness of their guitars on Lyapunov convinced me at 1:53, great ambience (the same later at 2:25)

I love too La Moneda, with great taping part in the introduction then I love the mix between arpeggio and sample. The song ends in a devilish Finale.

Many interesting ideas, a band to follow !




1. Lyapunov
2. La Moneda

Chaos E.T. Sexual’s bandcamp page where you can stream their songs for free : http://chaosetsexual.bandcamp.com/

The March

Crawl Space

(2012, D.I.Y.) France, Lille.

The March - Crawl Space

The March are back with a new album with a powerful sound.

Let’s start with the beginning : Carried Away is a big slap in your face.

You may think of Norma jean with the violent Nate William or even Envy on Blood Stained. The mix between guitars and bass is a success in these songs.

The slow tracks The Dyed Wall and Two Nights deliver dark and massive ambiences.

The silkscreen is amazing once again.

I only have one regret : I wish I could have seen them playing live as the band did split as far as I know.




1. Nate William
2. Carried Away
3. Blood Stained
4. The Dyed Wall
5. Two Nights

You can stream these songs for free on their bandcamp page :  http://themarch.bandcamp.com/album/crawl-space


Dead Ends and Blind Spots

(2009, D.I.Y.) France, Lille.

The March - Dead Ends And Blind Spots

The March is a band from Lille, North of France. Their music sounds like something in between Knut or Amen Ra but with more melodies.

I’m amazed by The Yellow Leaf Has Fallen, as well for the guitar’s riffs as for the rhythmic patterns (huge at 3:34).

I have the same thoughts on A Last Breast (Terrific ambiences at 4:16).

Monsters We’ve Created’s riffs are well-done composition-wise.

What a great artwork !

A band you want to follow.




1. The Yellow Leaf Has Fallen
2. A Last Breast
3. Monsters We’ve Created

You can stream these songs for free on their bandcamp page :  http://themarch.bandcamp.com/album/dead-ends-and-blind-spots